SuperMatic™ 6L80-E Six-Speed Transmission - 2WD with 2400-stall converter - 19366637

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Developed with upgraded internal components, Chevrolet Performance’s SuperMatic 6L80-E six-speed automatic transmission offers an exceptional torque rating of 650 lb.-ft.—a 45-percent increase over regular-production versions of the six-speed automatic.

A deep 4.02:1 first gear enables strong launch performance, while the 0.67:1 top gear supports balanced performance on the highway.

It is designed for use with Chevrolet Performance’s LS and LSX crate engines, as well as LT1 and LT4 crate engines.

A 4WD version is available for LS/LSX engines and includes a tail designed to mate with a transfer case.


Additional highlights:

• Electro/hydraulic controls with clutch-to-clutch shifting

• Output torque rating: 650 lb.-ft.

• Gear ratios: 1st: 4.02, 2nd: 2.36, 3rd: 1.53, 4th: 1.15, 5th: 0.85, 6th: 0.67

• Lightweight die-cast aluminum case contributes to dry weight of approximately 195 lbs.

• Approximately 29.9 in. long (2WD version)

• Uses DEXRON VI premium fluid

• Does not include dipstick

• Includes truck-style production oil pan (use Shallow Pan Kit P/N 19418242 for increased ground clearance)

• Kit includes controller and harness, with calibrations for street and track; harness also includes paddle-shift connection

• Includes production vent tube assembly

• Kit includes transmission bulkhead connector that supports aftermarket gear indicator displays, electronically controlled shifters and more

• Chevrolet Performance-specific design includes provisions for an aftermarket transmission cooler, including -6 AN fittings

• Kit includes laptop connection cable for custom tuning transmission shift points and feel. Cable has a single use license for each transmission (cable can be used multiple times but only with the first transmission it is matched with

• Transmission should not be used as a service replacement


NOTE : 19366637 is preloaded with calibration for Crate L96 Engine


NOTE: All Supermatic 6L80-E Transmissions are supplied with USB memory drive and data cable to allow customers to change the calibration to match their crate engine. For example, a customer may purchase 19432682 with 2400 stall converter to use with LT1, LT4, or L8P engine in which case, they’ll need to install software (from USB drive) onto a PC, then connect the provided USB data cable to the data connection on the engine harness, then program the transmission calibration which matches their crate engine. Detailed procedures may be found by following this link: